You Are Not Alone – Webinar

You Are Not Alone – Webinar

You are not alone Business Leaders   Webinar Presentations: David Sand Didier Scaillet VIEW REPLAY Let’s address the Elephant in the room, you and my business could fail if we do not act with purpose. One thing the world is doing is looking for government’s and...

Kenya & Incentive Programmes

An Inside Perspective: Kenya And Incentive Programmes As pointed out in our previous article on Kenya and Incentive Programmes, this East and Central African power-house are making waves not only in the local markets but also in the international economic community....
Why Retain Your Talent?

ROI Good Incentives

Good Incentives – A CULTURE OF APPRECIATION LEAD TO MORE PRODUCTIVE WORK  82% of employees have reported that they work harder to achieve goals when incentive programmes are in place.