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Financial Services

Ford Financial Services

Ford Financial Services

An online portal where points are calculated from raw data and awarded according to interest rate financed.

SA Bank

Nedbank South African Bank

An online solution with many manual interventions, as well as a physical presence in the call centre

BCX IT Solution provider

BCX IT Solution provider

Online nomination system with verification/approval element.

Ford Financial Services

BWM Financial Services

Tiers implemented based on a variety of measures and improved results.

Manufacturing Industry

French Tyre Company

Michelin French Tyre Manufacturer

Bespoke catalogue on a uniquely functioning website, offering points earning, tracking and spending.

Global Mobile Handset Manufacturer

Motorola Global Mobile Handset Manufacturer

Series of small, targeted sprints to drive particular device sales.

Japanese Motor Manufacturer

Nissan Japanese Automotive Manufacturer

An online claiming system for test drives and sales – verified against client data.

Cellular Services

Cellular Network Provider

Cell C Cellular Network Provider

An incentive aimed at salespeople within a specific channel

MTN Cellular Network

MTN Cellular Network

Reward participants for overachieving their targets,


ICT Technology

ACER – ICT Hardware

An online claiming portal where claims are uploaded and champions allocate sales to participants.

MTN Cellular Network

MTN Cellular Network

Reward participants for overachieving their targets,

Bond Mortage

SA Bond Originators

SA Bond Originators

A Loyalty programme aimed at motivating estate agents


Satellite Television Operator

Multichoice – SA’s Leading Multichannel Digital Satellite Television Operator 

Specific measures on KPI’s adapted to meet objectives, participants rewarded as individuals via an online catalogue.

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