Encourage Change & Reward Behaviours with a custom-built employee reward and recognition programme.

Employee Rewards & Recognition

Employee Rewards and Recognition

Employee rewards and recognition is an incentive employers utilize to offer feedback and encouragement to employees. When recognised for stellar performance and productivity, employees have increased morale, job satisfaction and involvement in organisational functions.

As a result, employers experience greater efficiency and an increase in sales and productivity. By offering employees rewards, employers contribute to a positive and productive work environment.

Workplace recognition rewards can include award ceremonies and public announcements and should occur frequently such as at the end of the day, week or at the conclusion of the sales month.

7 Benefits of Employee Rewards

1. Encourage Behaviour

Encourage, change & reward behaviours with a custom-built employee reward and recognition programme will increase teamwork and competition amongst team members, increasing productivity.

2. Recognise Performance

With the custom incentive program, you can monitor performance better and reward your performance with a reward card or incentive travel, whichever is in your budget.

3. Boosts Creativity & Enhances Productivity

Employees who value being valued will experience motivation to go the extra mile in their everyday tasks.

4. Employee Reward and Recognition Programmes implemented correctly leads to increased profit.

Aiming for higher productivity leads to increased profits for your company.

5. Better Positive Image for the Company.

Your employees are your brand ambassadors. Correctly rewarding and incentivising your employees will make them happy. They would rave about their experiences to their friends and family. This would help to build a positive image of your company and strengthen client relationships. This way you would be able to attract better talent as well as build a good image in the job market.

6. Employees feel appreciated

It is much better to get creative with your incentive rather than handing over hard cash. This is because cash gets spent on paying household bills or in buying household goods. It helps to build a positive association with your brand and makes the employees feel happy that they are being appreciated.

7. Flexible

Employee Rewards and Recognition programmes are something that can easily be customised. Thus, any company (big or small business) can offer these rewards as an incentive. No matter what budget you have, there can be a performance incentive programme planned for it.

Our Services include

With Uwin Iwin in your corner, your performance incentive programme will bring you all the solutions without the problems.

Encourage Behaviour

Encourage, change & reward behaviours with a custom-built employee reward and recognition programme

Boost Workforce Moral

Boost Workforce Morale with a cutting-edge reward programme

Strengthen Client Relationships

Strengthen Client Relationships with your unique channel reward programme

Drive Sales

Drive Performance – drive performance through reward offerings that will hit the sweet spot for your employees

Motivate Employee Performance

Motivate Employee performance with an effective Reward & Recognition programme

Recognise Performance

Recognise Exceptional performance in your team


Use Online Points-based Software Technology to keep your programmes relevant & engaging.

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Q: Why is communication the heartbeat of an incentive programme?

The best plans are derailed by poor communication. It is important for every participant to know what is expected and how it will be rewarded. Specifically, they must know “how much extra money or what reward will I receive by accomplishing a specific goal?” Your employees must know their own and the company’s objectives, which means that the company’s performance must be communicated throughout so that employees’ expectations for the sales and channel rewards programme align with reality. This doesn’t necessarily mean the company must show their full financials to all employees, but rather a leader board of targets measured against employee performances.

Q: What value do you place on a reward?

Sales and Channel Incentives don’t motivate people unless they see value in the reward. It doesn’t have to be money, but it does need to be meaningful. Rewards have to be desirable to a range of people with different motivations. This is why offering a variety of rewards is a good idea.

Employees can then choose the ones that are relevant to them. It is also important that rewards are fair and that targets are based on employees’ roles, experience, seniority, and any other factors.

Q: What measurement do you put in place to see if your sales and channel incentive programme is effective?

Employees must be measured to determine if they comply with the goals set out in the performance, sales and channel programme. If there is no clear evaluation process, neither you nor the employee will know whether the goal has been met or not. And if you don’t know if the goal was met, then you don’t know if you should receive a reward. The criteria should be clear and measurable.

Q: Why does Uwin Iwin create a different programme for each client?
Be strategic, the best incentive plans promote behaviours that are consistent with the company’s strategic plan, marketing efforts, financial goals, productivity processes, and personnel development. Without purposeful linkage to your performance incentive strategy, sales and channel incentive plan risk promoting behaviours that are contradictory to the stated strategy.

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