Give your employees an experience of a lifetime with an Incentive Travel Trip.

Incentive Travel

Incentive Travel

 SITE and IMA research has shown that a chance to earn a seat on an Incentive Travel trip, is one of the most powerful rewards a company can offer, to change and drive a high-performance people culture.

Not only does an incentive travel campaign take performance to new heights, but it also energises and improves communication amongst your employees. An Incentive Travel Trip serves as a tremendous loyalty solution for those top achievers who always perform at the top of their game no matter what.

5 Benefits of Incentive Travel

For any type of business, the employees’ morale is of the utmost importance. To attain peak performance from your employees, sales and distribution channel, employers are advised to build a performance incentive programme that offers a range of incentive rewards targeted at bringing out the best in each individual even those who are not part of your top 20% performers.

1. Incentivise Health Competition

Travel incentive programmes introduce a feeling of healthy competition among the employees. They strive to work harder and better in order to earn their travel reward.

2. An incentive program that is cost-effective

Travel is a highly cost-effective reward incentive. In fact, it is even better than offering money as an incentive since it creates an opportunity of a lifetime. A travel Incentive will be remembered long after the programme is over and inspires loyalty towards your company.

3. Creates Loyalty to your company

When you reward your employees, then you are making them happy. This would make them become more dedicated and loyal to the company. This leads to less employee turnover along with a better and more positive business environment.

4. Achieve your goals & improve performance

This is a very good way to achieve your sales targets and definitely one of the most effective ways to improve your company’s performance. It helps to boost employee morale so that they work harder in order to reach their targets.

5. Fosters a stronger team relationship

Incentive travel tends to foster a stronger team relationship. When a team travels together, they share their memories and adventures together. This helps them to bond better. Also, this provides a good platform for people to discuss business matters in an informal environment. They are able to understand each other in an entirely new perspective and this helps them to work better later on.

Our Services include:

  • Strategic destination selection based on defined criteria.

  • Ensuring travel spend utilized in the best possible way.

  • Itemized custom itineraries built around clients’ requirements.
  • Quality delivery of logistics.

  • Quality delivery of Guidance and assistance with Visa, Passport and health requirements.

  • Group discounted airlines fares.
  • Gift procurement and packaging.

  • Customized social responsibility programs in any destination.

  • Carbon activities to minimize the effect of travel.
  • Introduction to local suppliers and tourism boards.

  • Facilitation of Foreign Exchange payments.

  • Access to database of thousands of Incentive Suppliers and Hotels Worldwide.
  • Security and delegate care.

  • Facilitation of inspection trips and familiarization.
  • Sourcing and securing world-class properties and experiences.

  • Matching activities and experiences with the defined target audience.

  • Access to on the ground, up to date information in over 80 countries.
  • Comprehensive and custom-made travel documentation.

  • Insider access to experiences, venues and performances not available to the general public.

  • Creative and unique events whilst overseas.
  • IATA authorized airline partner.

  • Travel Insurance.

  • Access to promotional and launch material.
  • Contract and price negotiation with overseas suppliers.

  • Food and Beverage administration.

  • Rooming and housing allocations and management.
  • Access to Senior Hotel and Ground handling management worldwide

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Q: Why is communication the heartbeat of an incentive programme?

The best plans are derailed by poor communication. It is important for every participant to know what is expected and how it will be rewarded. Specifically, they must know “how much extra money or what reward will I receive by accomplishing a specific goal?” Your employees must know their own and the company’s objectives, which means that the company’s performance must be communicated throughout so that employees’ expectations for the sales and channel rewards programme align with reality. This doesn’t necessarily mean the company must show their full financials to all employees, but rather a leader board of targets measured against employee performances.

Q: What value do you place on a reward?

Sales and Channel Incentives don’t motivate people unless they see value in the reward. It doesn’t have to be money, but it does need to be meaningful. Rewards have to be desirable to a range of people with different motivations. This is why offering a variety of rewards is a good idea.

Employees can then choose the ones that are relevant to them. It is also important that rewards are fair and that targets are based on employees’ roles, experience, seniority, and any other factors.

Q: What measurement do you put in place to see if your sales and channel incentive programme is effective?

Employees must be measured to determine if they comply with the goals set out in the performance, sales and channel programme. If there is no clear evaluation process, neither you nor the employee will know whether the goal has been met or not. And if you don’t know if the goal was met, then you don’t know if you should receive a reward. The criteria should be clear and measurable.

Q: Why does Uwin Iwin create a different programme for each client?
Be strategic, the best incentive plans promote behaviours that are consistent with the company’s strategic plan, marketing efforts, financial goals, productivity processes, and personnel development. Without purposeful linkage to your performance incentive strategy, sales and channel incentive plan risk promoting behaviours that are contradictory to the stated strategy.

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