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Cellular Network Provider – Cell C

CATEGORY:  Cellular, Technology


No of participants: 850

Date: 2008 – 2012

Incentive type: Channel: Specific channel within sales environment


An incentive aimed at salespeople within a specific channel


 To increase contract sales and create the most innovative incentive solution within the country


Reward participants for overachieving their targets, by implementing the country’s first debit card programme, allowing the participants to have complete flexibility of rewards. 


Overall increase in market share and sales targets over the three year period. 

Sales & Channel Incentives

Sales & Channel Incentives

When it comes to communicating, motivating and building relationships with your sales and distribution channel, you need a system you count on. The right system will enable you to build rapport and trust with your service providers and create loyalty amongst them. When you care, they care. When you win, they win.

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