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French Tyre Company

CATEGORY:  Manufacturer


No of participants: 550

Date: 2009 – 2014

Incentive Type: Marketing fund allocation


Dealerships can spend their marketing funds on branded items to give to valued customers


To provide additional collateral for specific channel to provide branded merchandise to customers, entrenching the brand


Bespoke catalogue on a uniquely functioning website, offering points earning, tracking and spending, as well as a stock management system and reporting MIS


The programme has run successfully by Dealers being able to influence sales in that they can offer high quality branded items to potential customers to attract them to the deal

Reward Fulfilment

Reward Fulfilment

What better way to reward someone than by saying thank you?

At Uwin Iwin, we conceptualise, design and produce competition related marketing material and utilise our own prize draw system to manage, monitor and award your employees, customers and channel partners.

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