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SA’s Leading Multichannel Digital Satellite Television Operator

CATEGORY:  Satellite


No of participants: 850

Date2007 – 2011

Incentive Type: Reward and Recognition own staff


An incentive aimed at call centre staff at the branches across the country


To increase staff retention levels, decrease absenteeism, improve customer service levels and morale within the teams


Specific measures on KPI’s adapted to meet objectives, participants rewarded as individuals via an online catalogue and team experiences for achieving specific levels


The programme has run for three years and achieved improved levels in customer service and staff retention. Increased team spirit has been reported across all divisions

Employee Rewards & Recognition

Employee Rewards & Recognition

Employees appreciate heartfelt, sincere, specific recognition from their managers, senior managers, and co-workers. It makes them feel good and when they feel appreciated, their contribution leads to better results for your business.

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