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SA Bond-Mortgage Originator

DATE:   20 November

CATEGORY:  Bond-Mortgage


No of participants: 8000

Date2012 – 2013

Incentive type: Channel Loyalty


A Loyalty programme aimed at motivating estate agents to get home buyers to get the client to source their bond through the originator


 To increase market share and finance deals, increasing loyalty to the
brand and rewarding for the consistent behaviour


An online system whereby the Estate Agent Principal is linked to their agents, and both earn points on different tiers, according to the value of the bond. Points only awarded on registration of the bond



  • The programme was successful in changing behaviour, so much so that the
    competitor originators also introduced their own loyalty programmes to
    combat loss of market share
  • Increase of market share and maintain market share
  • Became the bond originator of choice

Sales & Channel Incentives

Sales & Channel Incentives

When it comes to communicating, motivating and building relationships with your sales and distribution channel, you need a system you count on. The right system will enable you to build rapport and trust with your service providers and create loyalty amongst them. When you care, they care. When you win, they win.

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