Show appreciation with a Kudosh Reward card or a voucher from our branded retail voucher mall, we have everything you will ever need in your reward artillery.

Reward Fulfilment

Reward Fulfilment

Our Kudosh card, Uwin Iwin’s very own incentive reward card, offers maximum flexibility, choice of reward and ease of use.

Uwin Iwin offers an unlimited selection of reward offerings that are tailored to providing that perfect reward to inspire, recognize and reward your achievers.

Clients can also choose from our voucher mall catalogue. With over 70 branded online shopping vouchers ranging from airtime, spa vouchers, home appliances & grocery stores and thousands of other corporate gifts to choose from, we assist clients with their prize fulfilment requirements.

7 Benefits of Reward Fulfilment

1. Encourage, change & reward behaviours

2. Boost workforce morale

3. Strengthen client relationships

4. Drive sales through channel relationships

5. Motivate sales performance

6. Recognise exceptional performance

7. Online point-based software

Our Reward Fulfilment Services include:

Branded Mastercard Gift Card

Kudosh Award MasterCard

Recognition Tokens

Certificates, Cards, Trophies and Positive Public Social Posters

Corporate Branded Gifting

Individual Points Wallet for redemption to Gift Card, Virtual Card, Branded Store Vouchers, Airtime and Data Vouchers, and Travel and concierge experience.

Program Communication

Online Catalogue, Prize draw system and Kudosh Award Card.

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Q: What is an incentive award card?

Uwin Iwin was one of the first to offer a flexible rewards card that can be used anywhere in South Africa where MasterCard is accepted. Kudosh Cards allow for cost-effective and secure incentive fulfillment – safer than cash!

The features are the broadest on offer anywhere in South Africa. With the Kudosh Card, a participant can:

  • Swipe the card at any POS that accepts MasterCard cards
  • Buy fuel
  • Reload your card
  • Semi-personalised or entirely white labeled with your logo
Q: How do I activate my Incentive Award Card?

When using our Kudosh Card, you will have access to a dedicated call centre who will assist you with all your queries. The Kudosh card also comes in a card carrier with information pertaining to activation, rules and ease-of-use information.

Q: How to use your incentive card?
  • Swipe the card at any POS that accepts MasterCard cards
  • Draw cash at an ATM
  • Buy fuel
  • Reload your card
  • Semi-personalised or entirely white labeled with your logo

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