Reward your sales team and unlock the full potential of your channel with a Sales & Channel Incentive Programme.

Sales & Channel Incentives

Sale & Channel Incentives

From consultation to setting objectives and mapping performance, we will customize a Sales & Channel Incentive allowing you to unlock all the potential in your channel to maximize your ROI and measure your return on objective.

When it comes to communicating, motivating and building relationships with your sales and distribution channel, you need a system you can count on.

NetUwin, our wholly owned, developed, maintained and managed cloud-based system, allows for maximum flexibility thus making it the ideal sales tracking and incentive tool.


7 Benefits of Sales and Channel Incentives

1. Encourage Behaviour

Encourage, change and reward behaviours with a bespoke and customisable Sales and Channel Incentive Program.

2. Boost Moral

Boost employee morale with a cutting-edge Reward Program.

3. Strengthen Client Relationships

Strengthen client relationships with your unique Channel Reward Programme.

4. Channel Relationships

Drive sales through channel relationships strengthened with the right Channel Incentive.

5. Motivate Sales Performance

Motivate sales performance with award-winning Sales Incentive Program.

6. Recognise Exceptional Performance

Recognise exceptional performance in your salesforce. Set clear goals, track them and reward the results.

7. Use Software to Drive Performance

Use our online points-based software to drive sales performance. Create that team competitiveness to drive sales.


Q: Why is communication the heartbeat of an incentive programme?

The best plans are derailed by poor communication. It is important for every participant to know what is expected and how it will be rewarded. Specifically, they must know “how much extra money or what reward will I receive by accomplishing a specific goal?” Your employees must know their own and the company’s objectives, which means that the company’s performance must be communicated throughout so that employees’ expectations for the sales and channel rewards programme align with reality. This doesn’t necessarily mean the company must show their full financials to all employees, but rather a leader board of targets measured against employee performances.

Q: What value do you place on a reward?

Sales and Channel Incentives don’t motivate people unless they see value in the reward. It doesn’t have to be money, but it does need to be meaningful. Rewards have to be desirable to a range of people with different motivations. This is why offering a variety of rewards is a good idea.

Employees can then choose the ones that are relevant to them. It is also important that rewards are fair and that targets are based on employees’ roles, experience, seniority, and any other factors.

Q: What measurement do you put in place to see if your sales and channel incentive programme is effective?

Employees must be measured to determine if they comply with the goals set out in the performance, sales and channel programme. If there is no clear evaluation process, neither you nor the employee will know whether the goal has been met or not. And if you don’t know if the goal was met, then you don’t know if you should receive a reward. The criteria should be clear and measurable.

Q: Why does Uwin Iwin create a different programme for each client?
Be strategic, the best incentive plans promote behaviours that are consistent with the company’s strategic plan, marketing efforts, financial goals, productivity processes, and personnel development. Without purposeful linkage to your performance incentive strategy, sales and channel incentive plan risk promoting behaviours that are contradictory to the stated strategy.

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