Uwin Iwin Wellness Solution aligns with the Uwin Iwin passion and value proposition.

Wellness Solution

Uwin Iwin Wellness  Solution aligns with the Uwin Iwin passion and value proposition.

Wellness Solution

Wellness Solution 

Uwin Iwin wellness solution aligns with the Uwin Iwin passion and value proposition,  to help people and business to win.  

Today’s fastest-growing, competitive and inspired business know that life at work, home and in society is not easy. Covid-19 times have exposed those realities faster than anything else.  Uwin Iwin has put together a highly specialised network of wellness professionals and coaches to help your people win. Led by master wellness coach Tania Mather.

Our team of wellness experts and master coaches, help motivate and inspire individuals and teams. 

Wellness Solutions are designed for businesses of any size, are incredibly personal and produce transformative personal and team growth.

Clients testify to valuing the coaching more than any other single company investment in their personal development. During these unprecedented times of fear, change and uncertainty wellness solutions can be bridges to future success. 

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More about Tania our Wellness Coach

Tanie Mather

Tania Mather – Wellness Coach

Tania Mather is a Certified Professional Master Wellness Coach with the IAWP who moves beyond conceptual ideas by providing innovative solutions for greater resilience in an era of continual change.


Tania’s vision is for innovative wellness practices to become an integral part of the workplace.  She believes we are not equipped with the necessary skills to cope with the demands of our ever-changing world. It’s her mission to deliver empowering, effective and actionable ways to help navigate these tumultuous times by co-creating carefully designed wellness programs that enrich people, enhance their wellbeing and transform their mindset. This inspires and motivates people to love what they do so they can thrive more in their personal and professional lives.


She has worked as a Travel Director for over 28 years and due to the demands of her work, has spent an equal amount of time fascinated by the world of wellbeing to help her cope with her own stress. During her own wellness journey, she studied various holistic modalities and is now a certified Hatha Yoga teacher, Watsu and Ai Chi practitioner and has furthered her coaching expertise by training in the Neuroscience of Change and the Power of Embodied Transformation (Coaches Rising). She also is a certified meditation practitioner (Emily Fletcher).


Tania was educated in South Africa and holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media Studies (Rhodes University). She was born in Canada and now lives in southern Spain where she works as a wellbeing consultant and provides transformational travel experiences.

Her programs and retreats ensure embodied transformation for greater sustainability for ourselves and for the world we live in.

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